Nicole by OPI is OPI's drugstore brand. It is made by the same company but is cheaper and availible in drug stores, origonally Walmart, however they have expanded their reach to stores like Target, Sears, and Ulta.


Several years ago Nicole by OPI surfaced. This subset of 


Selena Gomez in collaboration with Nicole by OPI

the OPI brand tends to be slightly cheaper and more accessable. Nicole by OPI is not as high quality as classic OPI and tends to have more trendy colors and less classics. 

Celebrity CollectionsEdit

Nicole by OPI's main function is to facilitate celebrity nail polish collections. This began in 2010 with Justin Bieber's One Less Lonely Girl collection. Nicole by OPI has also partnered with singer/actress Selena Gomez, television show Modern Family, and reality stars the Kardashians. Recently released was a set of textured "Gumdrop" polishes. Their next collaboration will be with country singer Carrie Underwood.